Game Information

Welcome to the Logic Wargame at the SmashTheStack. This game consists of many different challenges ranging from buffer overflows, format string vulns, assembly challenges, vulnerable web applications, heap attacks and more.

Getting Started

The first level of this game is accessible via the web here: Level 1.

After finishing the first level you will need to connect to the server via ssh with the following command:

    ssh -l level# -p2227

Replace "level#" with the correct level you are currently on, ex. level3

Finding Help

The best place to get assistance with the game is on our IRC channel. You can connect to the network with the following information:

    Channel: #logic

Alternatively you can email for assistance
Game Developers: mh, Level, zoidberg, frank^2


After solving a level you can add a piece of text to the tags file. This
file shows up on this webpage, using the links below. These tags are append only,
which means you cannot open them with an editor.

To add your name/tags use the following command from a logged in shell:

    echo "my name or tag here" >> ~/tags

Note: It's probably a good idea to disable javascript when browsing the links below!

The Wall: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11